Hear Me?

silhouette of man standing on mountain cliff
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Does God hear us when we call on him? For a lot of us that can be a question we tend to overlook. Mostly because we have become so accustom to giving a simple yes and going about our day not really believing it. I want to ask that just for a moment, can we be real with ourselves? How do you really answer the question “Do I believe God hears me?” Maybe for most of us, if we’re honest the answer isn’t a full yes.


(1 John 5:14) And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.


John is talking here about having a confidence that God hears us. He even says that if we ask “anything” he hears us. But what about this confidence? That’s what I want you to focus on!


Having confidence means that we truly believe we can rely on God. It means that no matter what we ask we are certain he has the right answer. But do we really feel that God is listening to us? We hear much talk about how God is on this throne and he is the creator of a billion galaxies. We sing of how he is beyond our understanding and filled with wonder that we can’t even grasp. Can he be all of this and still hear our prayers even in the smallest?


Obviously, what I am about to say now is “Of course he can!” I want to encourage you in the fullest that he can! I want you to feel in the deepest part of your heart the God can hear your every need and not only that, but he actually cares! And yes, he is beyond our understanding and no we can’t comprehend his wonder. But, that shouldn’t keep us from approaching him. That should make us want to approach him more! That’s my point in asking “Does he hear me?” because the way you answer that question makes all the difference in the world!


The reason why knowing who God is should make us want to go to him more is because of the position he has given us. 1 john 3:2 says we are Gods children now. Not as a child that is always looking over their shoulder for punishment they feel they deserve. God is not playing some game with us. He is a loving father. Who is always patient with his children and welcoming no matter what. He’s the one who leaves the 99 for crying out loud! But most of our prayer lives I think we would admit don’t fully show our position, right? I mean, do you always go to God with the spirit of a young child that’s excited and full of love approaching their father?


I’m almost confident that of all the people who will see this post there is someone who is in need of a break through. Be encouraged! God is more than capable to hear and answer the prayers of his children. Before you go to him just think, he has spoken time into existence. He’s calmed seas and walked on water. He knows every thought of every human HE IS GOD! And he has given you the right to be called his child. He is jealous for you, he longs for you, he desires to hear you and to have you believe that he can. Blessings.


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